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Federal Management International recovers millions of pounds every year on behalf of their clients. Our Professional VIP Debt Collection services for Casinos and all other prestige sectors are viewed as a far more cost effective to alternative methods of financial recovery such as Solicitors & Law Firms.

We work in partnership with many leading and prestigious organisations and companies from across the world and from across a wide selection of industries, providing our high levels of service and achieving unprecedented results.

We are specialists in Casino Debt Collection and High End accounts. Here are some of the types of prestigious organisations we work in partnership with:

  • Gaming Establishments
  • Concierge Services
  • Executive Lettings Agents
  • Large Sporting Organisations
  • Private Schools & Au Pair Agencies
  • Management Agencies
  • Auction Houses & Art Dealers
  • Wealth Management

We operate with the highest levels of Professionalism, a discreet manner and the relevant protocols where appropriate.

In addition, we recover monies from varying type of individuals on behalf of our clients, from International celebrities to foreign royalty.

Case Study


FM International was approached in relation to a large portfolio of accounts owing to an International Organisation for financial facilities provided.

Their debt portfolio ranged from thousands of pounds to millions of pounds and all had been the subject to very costly and extensive legal actions via their appointed law firm, with fees running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Many of their debtors were high profile individuals and were situated across the world in areas such as the Far East and South America.


  • To recover as much of the bad debt as possible whilst minimising cost, from debtors located around the globe.
  • To be mindful of possible future dealings between the two parties.
  • To act with absolute discretion & professionalism given their high level clientele.


  • Quickly and diligently developed an understanding of the client’s business and industry.
  • Diligently carried out a full investigation into each Debtors means and ability to discharge the sum owing
  • Investigated and traced new addresses and locations
  • Determined the most appropriate courses of action to maximise the chances of a full recovery, taking into consideration the different legal jurisdictions and debt cultures
  • Pro actively applied ourselves with endeavour and vigour


  • Quickly turned Millions of Pounds of Bad Debt into Millions of Pounds of good money in our clients account.
  • Dramatically slashed recovery costs, both internally and externally.
  • Far exceeded the client’s expectations and they regularly recommend us to their piers and associates.

Initially, we were the ‘last port of call’ for this client in respect of overdue debts owing, three years on, and we are now the first port of call for any bad debtor problems they experience.