Does Debt Follow You To Another Country?

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Does Debt Follow You To Another Country?

It’s no secret that having someone owe you money can be an extremely difficult and stressful situation, and things can be made even worse when that debtor moves overseas.

Do you have a debtor that has recently moved countries and are worrying that your debt may now be void? Are you worried that due to the distance of the debt that it will be impossible to recover? The quick and easy answer is no.

However, try not to worry so much as you’re not on your own in this. You may have reached this page by asking the question, does debt follow you to another country? Many of our clients ask the same question and have been in the same situation as you before.

This article will provide you with all the answers you need to put your mind at ease, and get you closer to having the money owed to you returned.

How Does International Debt Collection Work?

Customers not paying their invoices can be a stressful situation at the best of times, so dealing with an international debt may make you feel even worse.

Knowing the correct course of action to take when you have an international debt is imperative to ensuring you get your money back hassle-free.

It is mistakenly thought that collecting a debt that is overseas can only be started in the debtor’s country. This is usually the reason they move countries to try and get rid of the money that’s owed– this is not the case.

Creditors based in the UK have the jurisdiction to collect all debts within the country but when it escalates to an international level this is where agencies elsewhere get added into the equation.

International debt collection agencies will have partner organisations that have specific experience dealing with debts on an international scale.

These international agencies will have the most comprehensive expertise with unique laws, regulations and languages within these countries.

Outsourcing collection of an international debt has many benefits and will ensure your in-house credit control team can focus on value-based activities. A key benefit resulting from this is that they won’t have to recover the debt themselves.

Does Debt Follow You To Another Country

International Debt Collection Laws and Challenges – What Should You Expect?

When it comes to debt collection overseas, there are going to be different laws and financial regulations that are applicable within that particular country.

Technically speaking there are no laws that govern international debt recovery as a whole, all regulations related to this are done so on a national level.

International Debt regulations can cause a variety of challenges for those who aren’t familiar with the changing of laws from country to country. This can create an unnecessary cost in time and resources.

Various cultural factors, languages and time differences can also prove extremely difficult for the recovery of a debt and could potentially prolong the process.

It’s recommended to have a trusted, accredited and professional collection agency to recover the debt on your behalf.

International Debt Collection Agency

So, Does Debt Follow You To Another Country?

The answer is yes!

Moving to another country may seem like an escape route for many bad-payers, but to the people and businesses owed money, it is not necessarily the nail-in-the-coffin many think it is.

To the right debt collection agency, collecting from overseas is an everyday task. For FM International, our global network of trusted partners can collect international debt from virtually anywhere in the world.

It pays to make the right choice when it comes to choosing an International Debt Collection Agency. Choosing the wrong company can often be worse than not choosing at all.

Why Choose Federal Management International To Undertake Your Debt Recovery?

We are the UK’s leading specialists when it comes to collecting overseas debts and we endeavour to be the market leader for prestige and VIP Debt Recovery across the globe.

  • Pragmatic, professional & discreet
  • Excellent recovery rates and low commission structure
  • Transparent Fixed Fee service with no hidden costs
  • Prestige market sector expertise
  • International Field Agent network
  • Internal Legal Team for mediation
  • On line Account management
  • Members of the CSA, ACA & FENCA

To speak to a member of our experienced and trusted international debt collections team, call us on 01695 554 550 or email

Does Debt Follow You To Another Country – Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Able To Recover Debts Anywhere In The World?

Yes! We are a trusted international debt collection agency and have our own network of compliant and experienced collections partners to collect debts anywhere in the world.

How Long Have You Collected Debts Internationally?

Federal Management have collected international debts since our opening in 2004.

How Much Will It Cost To Recover An International Debt?

We operate the lowest commission rates and work on a “No Collection – No Commission” policy. This will ensure that you only have to pay in we successfully recover your debt – we charge by our success, not by per hour or per action!

Are There Many Differences In Collecting Debts Overseas To The UK?

There are lots of differences when it comes to recovering international debts as there are various laws and regulations to abide by. There’s also challenges to consider such as language barriers and time differences.

Do You Only Collect Business Debts (B2B)?

Not at all! With our partner Frontline Collections, we are also able to help private individuals with private debt collections.

Does Debt Follow You To Another Country?

Yes – absolutely. Our expert global network of collection officers are able to collect debt from virtually anywhere in the world.

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