Specialist International Debt Recovery Services

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International Debt Recovery Services

When a business is owed money by a client, this can present many difficulties towards the internals of the organisation.

For those with unpaid debts in the UK, the exercise of recovering such debts can be relatively straightforward.

This is especially true if a professional debt collection agency is used to carry out the recovery.

However, when the debtor is based overseas, this can present an even larger list of problems than usual.

International business can be difficult enough without having to worry about whether or not your client is going to pay.

Many things need to be considered during international debt collection and knowing how to deal with these can be extremely challenging.

International Debt Recovery Services

Searching for an international debt collection agency can be extremely time consuming. Speak to one of our debt collection experts today for a free international debt analysis.

Some of the very common hindrances that overseas debtors pose are:

  • Different currencies.
  • Communication barriers i.e. waiting a long time for a reply.
  • Cross border laws and regulations
  • Different time zones i.e. only being able to contact the debtor at certain hours.
  • Various language barriers could prolong the debt collection process.

These present a very real challenge when it comes to successful international collections.

At Federal Management International, we understand how difficult the situation of having an overseas debt can be.

The sheer stress of dealing with this may cause you to choose the wrong method for international debt collection services.

This is completely logical, but we recommend that you stay calm and gather the options.

There are many options available for the collection of overseas debts.

International debt recovery services

International Debt Collection Methods

Knowing which methods to choose for international debt recovery services is extremely important.

Choosing a debt collection method is just as important as how you treat your personal data.

Choosing the right method can be the difference between getting paid or your debtor walking away with your money.

Of course, there are ways in which international debt can be prevented in the first place, such as implementing payment terms.

These are signed contracts between the business and client that outline how much is to be paid and on what date.

No matter how many preventative measures are taken, this can still, unfortunately, end up in the owing of money.

Many believe that international debt recovery services can take too long and will simply abandon the debt.

This makes no sense, as you are allowing your debtor to win and keep the money that they owe.

Conducting legal action against a global debt may seem like a very real option, however, this can be expensive.

The key to carrying out a successful recovery is to make the process as affordable as possible.

This should effectively be a no brainer considering you have already lost money that is already owed to you.

Many agencies will trick you into a no win no fee basis, only to charge you drip fees along the way.

It can be a painstaking task to try and recognise the traits of a bad international debt collection agency.

Fortunately, there are many debt collectors and collection partners in the industry that operate in a compliant manner.

Some of the UK’s main export partners leave a lot of potential for debt to occur. Unfortunately, some clients will withhold payment no matter what. Some of the main areas professional agencies focus on include:

International Debt Recovery Services – FM International

At Federal Management International, we are the leaders in collecting debts from anywhere in the world.

Whether you have an international private or commercial debt, our specialists can recover this.

Our team of specialists have collected millions of pounds worth of international debts since 2005.

They are specifically trained to combat the various hindrances that an overseas debtor can pose.

Due to the compliant service that we deliver, we ensure to not jeopardise any client relationships during the recovery process.

This will allow for any future working opportunities and the carrying on of existing business.

International Debt Recovery Services

Searching for an international debt collection agency can be extremely time consuming. Speak to one of our debt collection experts today for a free international debt analysis.

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